SMART Valentine’s Gifts Just In $8

One of the most anticipated moments, a couple looks forward to, on Valentine’s Day is exchanging gifts. They can’t wait to see what their partner has so thoughtfully bought and/or created for them. But we must not forget that the day is not just limited to couples.

The day is not about receiving the most expensive of presents either. Instead, it is all about being thoughtful for the other person and that’s what makes the day even more memorable.

During your student life, you are on a limited budget and have to watch where you spend all of your money.

It is on these occasions that you need to think creatively and come up with a perfect gift in just $8!

Haven’t figured out where to get SMART Valentine’s gifts for your special one?

Let us help you get one without stressing over it!

Given below are some of the most incredible and trending Valentine’s gifts you can buy for your sweetheart right away and without burning a hole in your pocket:

Bubble bath

Who doesn’t enjoy soaking all their stress away in a nice, warm bubble bath? It can be the perfect gift to give to your sweetheart and bring a huge smile on their face.

If you know their favourite scents (perhaps something like vanilla, citrus, sandalwood, berries, bubble gum?), you can make the present even more meaningful. The best part is, you won’t have to spend beyond your budget.

Teddy Bear

It can be quite confusing to think of a gift for a girlfriend who is rather picky sometimes. She may not like a particular scent or may prefer certain brands that may be out of your budget.

If you are undecided and have had no luck getting her a gift, how about the good old cute fluffy teddy bear? You can have a personalized message printed across the bear’s jacket to express what your girlfriend means to you.


You can’t go wrong with giving jewellery to your girlfriend. Even if it’s as small as a pendant or a dainty bracelet, she is sure to feel touched and will love your gift instantly. You can easily find a delicate piece of jewellery that fits right in your budget.

Body mist

If you wonder what the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend would be, here’s an idea: Why not his favourite body mist? If he has recently run out of it, your gift would mean even more to him.

Scented candles

The time during Valentine’s is the perfect occasion to gift scented candles to your girlfriend. You will find a wide collection of scented candles during this season of love. If your girlfriend has been keeping an eye out on some specific scents, you can grab this opportunity and present her those specific candles.

During your special dinner or *ahem* sexy time, you can light them up and play your favourite romantic music to create the perfect ambience.


Every girl loves to wear a pair of earrings. They often own a vast collection, from studs to hoops to dangling earrings. You may think your girlfriend has more than enough, however, as every girl would tell you, it’s never enough.

So for this year, you can choose to gift her a bright set of red earrings in different styles. We bet she will love this present. This is the occasion when you are sure to find a huge collection of red and pink earrings in all kinds of designs and sizes. So, if you are already familiar with your girlfriend’s taste, find her the earrings she will fall in love with instantly.

Matching caps

Are you the kind of couple that enjoys twinning? You will love this idea then! For this year’s special occasion, how about a pair of matching caps to wear as a couple. You could have something printed like, “I’m her valentine” and “I’m his valentine”. When going out on a walk holding hands, you both will surely look like an adorable pair.


If your boyfriend is a coffee or tea lover, why not think along those lines and gift him something that will make him think of you every morning? You can get him a mug and have something sweet and special written on it such as “you and me forever”.

Your boyfriend will be sure to put aside his usual cup and start drinking his favourite beverage from your given mug. It will make his drink taste even better.

Bath salts

If your girlfriend is fond of taking elaborate and soothing baths, this is a gift she will enjoy using. Along with some bubble soap, bath salts help enhance the pleasure of bathing and leave your skin exfoliated.

So how about this year, you get her some bath salts. Since they are inexpensive, you can pick a variety of bath salts and tie them together with a bow to present as a gift to your girlfriend.


If your significant other has recently gotten into the habit of keeping a journal, this is your chance to encourage her new hobby. You can search for a diary with a cover your partner will certainly like. You can leave a deep and meaningful note expressing what your partner means to you on the first page.

Your note will be the first thing your sweetheart will read every time they are in the mood of writing in their journal. It will bring them closer to you and help your relationship blossom further.

T-shirts with printed messages

How about you search for some T-shirts that already have sweet, romantic messages printed across the front. This is the best option for couples who have trouble trying to come up with the right words or the best way to express their feelings. They want to say what their partner means to them but need some extra help finding the words.

On this occasion, you will be sure to find a huge selection of tops with the message you want your partner to know.
Charm bracelets

Girls love wearing accessories that complement their outfits. If you have a girlfriend who’s totally into girly accessories, you can get her a charm bracelet. You can add charms that mean something to the two of you, for example, a number charm of the day you officially became a couple, a red heart, or a rose. You can leave the rest for your girlfriend to add and complete the bracelet.

Picture frame

Here’s an idea that will bring out an ‘aww’ and a smile from your partner. How about a frame with a picture of the two of you? Search through your phone for a picture that means a lot to the two of you. Have it developed and create a beautiful picture frame.

The moment your partner opens the wrapping, they won’t be able to help but smile, seeing the picture inside the frame. The two of you can reminisce the day the picture was taken and talk about how far the two of you have come.


Everybody loves to have a soft and cuddly pillow to display on their bed or use it to support their back. You can take inspiration from this idea and give your sweetheart a bright red cushion they are sure to fall in love with. You can easily search online or in stores and pick one you know your partner will enjoy. A cushion that says “my favourite person” or “the best girlfriend” will certainly look great.

We hope the above ideas will help you pick the perfect Valentine’s Day present for your significant other. So, pick the one that perfectly fits your special one’s preferences and style. Meanwhile, Happy Valentine’s Day and Good luck!

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